3rd Annual MOGO wing Eating Contest

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 at 12:00pm @ MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos, 632 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ


  1. Each competitor will start with exactly 15 wings covered with sauce: five (5) Spicy + five (5) Soy Ginger + five (5) Buffalo Kimchi.

  2. The contest will last exactly three (3) minutes.

  3. Once the contest begins, the competitors will consume their allotted wings and place the eaten chicken wing bones into the designated receptacle.

  4. If a competitor finishes their allotted 15 wings before the contest is complete, they will be given an additional five wings to consume.

  5. Once the contest is complete, each competitor’s respective discarded wing receptacle will be counted.

  6. The winner will be determined by the total number of fully cleaned wing bones as verified by the Executive Judge. In the event of a tie, there will be a 60 second “eat-off” to determine the winner.



The MOGO Wing Eating Contest is open to all amateur eaters 18 years old or older and in good health. Professional eaters, persons recognized by the AICE, the IFOCE or members of any professional eating organization are not eligible to participate. Any competitor with a serious ailment or health problem may not compete in the contest. There will be one competition for all competitors. Competitors may eat sitting down or standing up in their designated areas. Any competitor leaving their designated area during the contest will be disqualified. Competitors may not make physical contact with any other competitor at any time during the contest. Any competitor who intentionally makes contact with another competitor will be disqualified. If a competitor vomits or regurgitates at any time during the competition or during the interim period before the winner has been announced, he or she will be disqualified. The use of utensils is not allowed. Chicken meat must be eaten directly from the bones. Stripping the bones of meat first and eating the meat at one time will not be allowed and grounds for disqualification. Competitors may not touch the wing receptacle or wings in the receptacle before the contest begins. Competitors must place each and every finished chicken wing bone into their separate respective discarded wing receptacle. Failure to place wing bones into the discarded wing receptacle will result in disqualification. If contingencies or disputes arise at the contest before, during or after the event, that are not explicitly covered by these official rules, the Executive Judge’s decision will stand with the same finality as the rules.



This is a free contest for the first 12 competitors that sign-up at eatmogo.com and confirm via the entry email that will be sent to them. All event communications will be sent to contestants via email using the information provided on their respective registration form. All competitors must meet the eligibility requirements above and consent to the official rules as well as sign a Risks and Waiver of Liability Form upon check-in on the day of the event.

All competitors must be present and signed-in at MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos (632 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park) by:

12:00pm on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Upon check-in, each competitor will be required to sign a Risks and Waiver of Liability Form (RWL). A competitor may forfeit his or her place should he or she fail to sign the RWL Form and/or check-in by the above noted time and be continuously present for the duration of the contest.




  • Championship Belt

  • $50 Gift Card

  • Greater Merch Pack (Sweatshirt + T-Shirt + Hat + Enamel Pin)

  • Article in the Taco Times (feature on the MOGO website and social media pages)



  • $25 MOGO Gift Card

  • Lesser Merch Pack (T-shirt + Hat + Enamel Pin)


  • $15 MOGO Gift Card

  • MOGO T-Shirt